What Store Can I Purchase Visalus Body By Vi?

where can I buy body by viMany people ask, “What store can I purchase Visalus Body By Vi?

where can I buy body by viThe Visalus Body By Vi products can be bought from independent distributors of the company.

Before ordering your body by vi products, it is important to determine which challenge kit is right for you.

The first kit is the core kit.  This kit includes the patented Vi Shape shake mix along with the Vi-pak which includes vitamins, minerals, omega vitals and anti aging supplements.  This product is perfect for a healthy individual who wants the optimum nutrition for their body.

The second kit is the balance kit.  This body by vi kit includes one shake per day for 30 days for optimum nutrition.

The third kit is the shape kit.  This body by vi kit is ideal for those people looking to lose up to 10 lbs.  It includes the patented body by vi vi shape shake mix.  For 2 meals per day, the vi shape will supply your body with the optimum nutrition you require to drop the pounds.

The last body by vi kit is the most powerful and most popular for weight loss.  It is called the “Transformation Kit”.  This kit will help you transform your body and get maximum results fast.  It includes 60 meals, appetite control, essential oils, metabolism booster and healthy energy products.

So, once you have decided on your kit, simply join the challenge below.  You have nothing to lose but the weight.  Order now below.

where can I buy body by vi

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